About Aeron Global Partners

Aeron Global Partners is the most recent venture of Narender Wadhwa, a seasoned entrepreneur, with over 48 years of experience in building innovative businesses to sell the products which are need of the hour.

Aeron Global Partners is a company primarily dealing with manufacturing, trading, and being outsource service providers of industrial and automotive tools and allied products. Aeron Global Partners has a wide range of products for diverse category of industries like Automotive Garages, Agriculture, Construction and Material Handling products.

Aeron Global Partners has manufacturing contracts with several companies across the globe to manufacture industrial products and tools as per the specifications given. These products are supplied to major brands in India and Europe. Some of our major customers include SAB Inc., Shop & Save Dubai, Al Mulla Trading Company, ATS Elgi, Ori Mart Aro Equipment to name some.

Aeron Global Partners was one of the pioneers to acquire and provide COVID-19 PPE kits and other products during the pandemic. We offer complete range of PPE kits, Sanitizing machines, all types of masks and other related products like Oxygen Concentrators.

About Narender Wadhwa

Narender Wadhwa is seasoned entrepreneur with over 48 years of experience. He started his business in Automobiles industry in 1973 with his first company Perfect Pipe Industries. Soon after he expanded his business to manufacture Fuel and Lubrication pipes for tractors, industrial engines and heavy earth movers.

In 19xx he started manufactureing pipes for LPG stoves of domestic and commercial categories. His customers included Government Messes, Hospitals, and Hotels. Thereafter, he started another company by tha name of Libra Industrial Components to produce Home Appliances like LPG stoves, Soda Makers, Juicers, Mixers and Grinders

In 1986, Narendder ventured into telecom industry when he launched Aaddar Communications dealing in Pagers. He collaborated with Essar for distribution of pagers and paging services in Delhi NCR.

In next two decades, Narendder became a major manufacturer, importer and exporter of industrial goods. Currently his company has a portfolio of over 500 products which they import, export and manufacture on order. The portfolio consists of a diverse range of products for different industry verticals like Automotive, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Construction and Health.