Hand Pallet Jack and its Uses

Hand Pallet Truck/Jack

What is a Hand Pallet Jack? Hand Pallet Jacks are basic types of forklifts. These especially designed jacks are made specifically for horizontal transportation. They are used to carry wooden pallets of material across warehouses without putting any strain on the person lifting them up or down. A common use is for moving loads from the loading dock station to the pallet racks or shelving areas to be stored away. Hand Pallet Jacks are also

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Essential Tools for Your Automotive Repair Shop

Whether you are a professional mechanic, an automotive repair shop owner or a hobbyist, you would require so many tools in your garage. For good repair shop it is very important to know all about the tools and equipment used in your trade. A proper set of tools will make your work easier and faster, resulting in efficient and profitable setup. In this article we will discuss some most essential tools you will need in

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Portable Flood Light 5000 LM with Battery

YATO, best cost-performance European brand of professional tools offers Portable Flood Lights. The portable Floodlight is a foldable unit with a maximum power of 5000LM. It offers three modes of operation and two colors of light. It allows you to adjust the lighting to the activities and battery charge level. It is equipped with powerful 7.2V 4000mAh battery which provides 1-5 hours of continuous operation without power. The light is mounted on a tripod which

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