Whether you are a professional mechanic, an automotive repair shop owner or a hobbyist, you would require so many tools in your garage. For good repair shop it is very important to know all about the tools and equipment used in your trade. A proper set of tools will make your work easier and faster, resulting in efficient and profitable setup.

In this article we will discuss some most essential tools you will need in your garage or repair shop.

Air Compressor

A reliable compressor will help you operate pneumatic equipment in you workshop like tyre changers, pneumatic hand tools and some auto lifts. Therefore, having a dependable air compressor of right power and capacity is very important. Usually a 150 ltr capacity compressor is good enough for a small to medium workshop and can run most equipment.

Jacks and Jack Stands

A jack is required to lift the vehicle to change tyres. Some times the vehicle needs to be raised for extended period of time to work underneath it. A strong Jack is required on regular basis. A high quality and high capacity Jack stand is also a per-requite.

Trolley Jacks are the most come jacks used in any workshop. Aeron Global Partners offer best quality Trolley Jacks at least prices.

Oil Drain

Oil change is one of the most common services or tasks that performed frequently on all vehicles. Therefore, an oil drain is a must have tool for your repair shop or garage. Good quality oil pans not only help you quickly drain the oil, they can temporarily store the oil for potential reuse, which can be very handy in some cases.

West Oil Drain pan with capacity of 8 ltrs is best choice for any small service station or hobbyist garage.

Tool Set

Different vehicles and different parts use all kinds of different nuts and bolts for which you would need a large number of spanners and screw drivers of different shapes and sizes. If you know the size of spanners you need, you can buy them individually, although it is recommended to buy a spanner set or a complete tool set so that you don’t have to run to get a new one if and when required.

24 Pc. Bi Hex Socket Set is one of the must have sets. It will cover most of your bolt sizes and comes with a ratchet and extension bar.

Tool Box

Apart from the tools, there is a number of other equipment and several spare parts you would need in your garage or workshop. An efficient tool box is highly recommended for this. Proper storage of your tools and equipment not only keeps your workshop safe and organized, it greatly enhances the life of your equipment.

Aeron Global Partners recommend 3 Drawer Portable Tool Box. The tool box is must for any small garage or workshop. It can be assigned as individual tool box for each mechanic.

A very large amount of tools and equipment is required to have a perfect workshop but one can begin with investing in the most critical equipment first and gradually keep adding as per the job requirement.

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